Equi-Fix Massage Gun

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Introducing the Equi-Fix fascia and muscle release massage gun. 

Perfect for horse and rider!

The Equi-Fix uses percussion technology, proven to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle tension. 

Using the Equi-Fix you can release sore trigger points in the muscle, help to break up locked fascia and bring blood flow in to the muscles which improves oxygenation, promotes healing, flushes toxins and quickens the recovery period. You can once and for all prevent overtightening of the muscles by using regular treatments with the Equi-Fix to aid with soft, supple and healthy muscles.

Increased blood flow = increased oxygenation = quicker recovery = better performance!

With an Equi-Fix handy you can safely and effectively perform pre and post workout treatments to aid in the warm up and cool down of horse and rider. 

An Equi-Fix is an essential tool for race yards, dressage, show jumping, eventing, polo and general riding horses.