Stirrup leathers Mono Pro-Jump

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Stubben Stirrup leathers Mono Pro-Jump

The broadened stirrup leathers Mono Pro-Jump provide a more stable and resting position of the rider's leg in the jumping- and cross-country course. In addition, the padded but yet very flat strap increases comfort noticeably. Thanks to its thin and sturdy nylon loop, the stirrup leathers can be comfortably threaded onto stirrup bars and create a flat transition between the seat and the saddle flap. The integrated grip-area on the inside of the stirrup leathers gives foothold without damaging the saddle flap, since it is made of DeLuxe leather. Moreover the stirrup leathers are sturdy and durable thanks to their reinforced core.

The length can easily be adjusted by means of a tongue buckle positioned below the saddle flap (9 cm adjustable length per size).

The ends of the straps do not get in the way, since they can easily be tucked in through slits.

Available in the following sizes (total length measured from the top edge of the stirrup leather to the lower edge of the bottom loop):

S (stirrup leathers length from 43 to 52 cm)

M (stirrup leathers length from 47 to 56 cm)

L (stirrup leathers length from 51 to 60 cm)

XL (stirrup leathers length from 55 to 64 cm)