The Formation Of The Bit Boutique

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The Formation Of The Bit Boutique

The formation of the Bit Boutique has been a labour of love for me as an Equine Dentist. Bitting has changed exponentially in the last few years with the design and manufacture of bits becoming more focused on the comfort of the horse and reducing overall pressure put on the horse in order to achieve a higher level of communication between horse and rider, which in turn achieves a higher level of training and finesse in your chosen discipline.

The pioneers of bit evolution are Bombers bits, designed and manufactured in South Africa and relatively new to the market; Fager bits, which are designed and produced in Sweden. To me, both of these brands personify the bit revolution – their bits are expertly crafted with top class materials and come in a range of mouthpieces and cheekpieces to suit all types of horse and rider.

I work as a bit fitter alongside Equine Dentistry and come across all types of training issues and mouth issues that can be solved and improved with correct dental balancing and correct bitting. The majority of horses I see are being ridden in bits that are too large for their mouths, and therefore the horse is not only uncomfortable, but the rein aids are being muffled and lost in translation by the sliding of the bit through the mouth, or the pressures from the bit being placed on the wrong areas of the mouth. Not many horses on this planet will actually measure a five and a half inch mouth even though this has been seen as the “standard” size to use for most horses up until just recently.

As I only cover Sussex, Surrey and Kent areas for bit fitting, I have developed an online bit fitting option where I can recommend a bit for you and your horse by evaluating your training issues via video and where needed, information from your Equine Dentist. If you are interested in an online fitting please contact me by filling out the form below. Otherwise please enjoy looking through the selection of bits in our catalogue and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions. 

Belle Palmer

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