Fager Bits

At Fager, it is our undisputed attention to detail in every bit we produce which makes us stand out from competitors.  We have recognized that even a minor detail in a design can easily make the difference between an average performance and an outstanding performance, both in terms of results and welfare.  The philosophy behind our designs is fully backed by current and ongoing scientific research.

The Research and Development behind our bit designs are performed in collaboration with Veterinarians who share our passion for equine welfare. Our forward-thinking approach to Bitting means we aren’t afraid to explore concepts which fall ’outside the box of traditional Bitting. This has enabled us to create revolutionary designs which acknowledge and accommodate the differing anatomy between individual horses, placing their comfort and wellbeing at the forefront of every bit we produce.

Through our own extensive research and assessment, we have applied the benefits of varying the pressure points in the mouth within our designs; dispersing the pressures to where the horse feels most comfortable. Each and every Fager design has been developed with a specific type/personality of horse as the focus.

We began by questioning the basic traditional bit design, with its thick, heavy metal bars.  We challenged the need to place this cumbersome piece in a horse’s mouth when it is possible to use a much lighter design and material which physically took up much less space? A comfortable horse will surely then be responsive to subtler aids, be easier to manage, and more of a pleasure to ride.