Sally Titanium Loose Baucher

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Fager Sally Titanium Loose Baucher

Registered Design

If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Stiff towards the hand
  • Strong, usually lean/pull on the bit
  • Try to put the tongue over the bit
  • Making sudden fast head-movements to escape the connection from the reins.
  • Sensitive mouth corners

This bit is perfect for horses that can be stiff and heavy, but at the same time sensitive for harsh hands. Sally will give comfort in the way it's taking away the constant pressure from the tongue and together with the lightness it will create a more surprisingly pressure when needed.

Loose Baucher is Fagers EUIPO registered design. Created to protect the mouth corners and front cheek teeth by putting the pressure further down. This design is ideal for sensitive horses that easily get wounds.

The anatomic shape follows the contour across the mouth that divides the pressure between the bars and tongue equally. A very comfortable design, especially for horses with a big tongue.

The short centrepiece eliminates palate interference. It breaks to the outside of the tongue. Sally even suits horses with a low and/or short palate together with a big tongue. These horses are difficult to find a suitable bit for. The roller reaches further down than the joints. This will increase the pressure when needed to avoid the constant pulling on the bit.

Durable and lightweight double-jointed titanium bit without lock system.

105mm  / 4¼" 12mm 60mm
115mm  / 4½" 12mm 65mm
125mm  / 5" 14mm 65mm
135mm  / 5¼" 14mm 65mm
145mm  / 5¾'"