Bombers Bits

Bombers Bits - The Handmade Original

“Pressure = resistance, resistance = lack of control”

A horse is an animal of flight – it will never yield to pressure or pain, it will either move away from it or run away. To obtain control we need to remove the resistance. To remove the resistance, one must remove the pressure or distribute the pressure over a larger surface area.


The Bombers moulded material has been uniquely developed, to ensure 3 key attributes; texture, durability and comfort.

The internal flexible stainless-steel cable core has been injection moulded with a bespoke non-toxic, UV resistant, FDA approved flexible synthetic material.

The Bombers Lifetime Guarantee does not extend to materials that can be chewed.


Sweet Iron will oxidize when it comes into contact with moisture; this oxidation process encourages salivation which improves acceptance of the bit. This process changes the blue colour of the Bomber horse bit to a brownish grey.

If not used for a while, any build- up may be removed with a scourer and wiped with a damp cloth.


The nature of titanium brings a number of positives to the proven Bombers horse bitting philosophy; specifically for the horses who need an alternative material for their bit.

  • Antibacterial & biocompatible
  • Superior strength and extremely lightweight in the mouth
  • Increases saliva, warm to the touch and encourages acceptance
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean