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Moulded Mullen Loose Ring

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Bombers Moulded Loose Ring

Bombers moulded mullen loose ring has been uniquely shaped and flattened. It is angled at 45 degrees to offer an exceptionally soft and evenly distributed pressure over and around the tongue.
The loose ring has much more movement and play than a fixed butt, or cheek. As a result, it discourages fixing, blocking and leaning, and encourages mouthing.
It allows the mouthpiece more movement, so that it may follow the angle of the tongue, because the angle of the poll and the horse’s overall outline changes through different work etc.


Especially good for the horse that objects to metal or when you have tried every kind of bit without luck.

The internal flexible stainless-steel cable core has been injection moulded with a bespoke non-toxic, UV resistant, FDA approved flexible synthetic material.

The Bombers moulded material has been uniquely developed, to ensure 3 key attributes; texture, durability and comfort.

As with all our steel components, the cable core and cheek piece will be covered by our lifetime guarantee.

The Bombers Lifetime Guarantee does not extend to materials that can be chewed.