Mats Sweet Iron Fixed Rings

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Fager Mats Sweet Iron Fixed Rings

Fager Mats is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Can be inconsistent in the connection.
  • Fussy in the contact.
  • Stiff, yet sensitive.
  • Refuses to accept the bit or will only accept it for short periods.
  • Drops/chews on the bit, generally feeling uncomfortable. 
Mats Sweet Iron Fixed Rings is the dressage-legal version of the popular Claudia bit. Specially designed with sensitive horses in mind, this double-jointed, sweet iron bit offers extra control just when you need it. Its short centerpiece follows the natural shape of the mouth, while its break towards the outside of the tongue softens pressure on the center of the tongue for a more consistent feel. Perfect for horses with sensitive tongues, this bit also suits those with low palates and big tongues, a combination that is notoriously hard to find bits for.