An Energy Boost

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Cavalor An Energy Boost

  • Paste that provides a quick energy boost
  • Promotes recovery after work
  • With electrolytes, B vitamins, amino acids, sugars, and salt

Cavalor An Energy Boost helps horses give their best performance and aids in recovery with essential nutrients, a concentration of quick energy, and replenishing electrolytes. This boost of energy is quickly absorbed to increase glucose levels in the blood, while amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and substances all contribute to improved muscle activity and stamina.


To ensure that your horse competes with an optimum glucose level, we recommend administering Cavalor An Energy Boost 2 hrs to 1 hr before performance.

For optimal recovery it is recommended to give a second dose immediately afterwards.

Dosage per horse: Ponies and leisure horses: ½ booster. Sport horses: 1 booster. Maximum 3 boosters per day. 1 booster = 60 g
Important: Always provide along with fresh drinking water.