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Cavalor Arti Matrix

    • Supplement for optimal support of tendons and joints
    • Unique formula – works on different levels to address joint problem
    • For horses with sensitive musculoskeletal systems or those in strenuous work
Cavalor Arti Matrix enables sport horses in hard work to access support for their musculoskeletal systems. For horses with delicate musculoskeletal systems or those under intense strain, Arti Matrix offers a complete solution to bone, joint capsule, tendon, cartilage and synovial fluid troubles. With varying nutrient demand in the event of acute or structural joint issues, Arti Matrix provides essential nutrients for the joints and other nutrients to bolster physiological processes, thus improving the musculoskeletal system swiftly.


Not every horse needs the same degree of protection. Cavalor Arti Matrix supports healthy tendons and joints. It is ideal for growing horses and those just starting work or not in hard work.

As work intensity increases, so does the strain on tendons and joints, in turn increasing the risk of injury. Cavalor Arti Matrix meets the increased musculoskeletal needs of sport horses and provides additional support.

Recommended feeding of Cavalor Arti Matrix: Per day: ponies and leisure horses: 30 g (2 sachets) Sport horses: 45 g (3 sachets) – at least 4 weeks.