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Cavalor Arti Motion

  • Helps maintain strong bones and supple joints
  • Contains collagen, MSM and glucosamine
  • Helps maintain strong bones and supple joints

Cavalor Arti Motion offers outstanding assistance for joint and tendon health. The product contains beneficial nutrients like collagen, MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate. Arti Motion is perfect for growing horses, those starting work, older horses, and equine athletes, as it helps preserve strong bones and joints.


Not every horse needs the same degree of protection. Cavalor Arti Motion supports healthy tendons and joints and is the ideal feed for growing horses and those just starting work, or not in hard work. As work intensity increases, so does the strain on tendons and joints, in turn increasing the risk of injury.

Cavalor Arti Matrix meets the increased musculoskeletal needs of sport horses and provides additional support. Cavalor ArtiTec offers proven protection at peak times and helps mitigate negative effects from overload.

Recommended feeding of Cavalor Arti Motion: Ponies and leisure horses: 30 g/day | Sport horses: 45 g/day.