Aster Gentle titanium double jointed Dee baucher

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Aster Gentle titanium double jointed Dee baucher

Good for the following horses:

  • Unhappy in your current bit.
  • Heavy in the hand or laying on the bit.
  • Sitting behind the vertical or reluctant to take the contact forward
  • Horses with poll, jaw or TMJ problems
  • Horses with sensitive bars
  • Established horses who are showing a change in the contact.

Aster's premium titanium Gentle double jointed Dee baucher provides a gentle contact without any nutcracker action. The smooth contours of the mouth piece create a gentle pressure to reinforce rein aids without any overreaction in the contact. The Dee baucher is a large baucher ring that provides a lighter contact. Good for sensitive horses, horses that dislike too much bar or tongue pressure, or horses that prefer a lighter contact