Benny Baby Pelham Black

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Fager Benny Baby Pelham Black

Fager Benny is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Can get strong but still sensitive.
  • Needs to seek a stable contact with the bit without getting too stiff and strong.
  • Gets high in the neck, needs a framed feeling.
Benny Baby Pelham Black is designed with utmost comfort in mind; its special engineering ensures 100% smoothness over the entire bit, including its joints, for enhanced maneuverability. Its joints are designed to prevent pressure against the palate for superior comfort. This bit creates a balanced frame for horses that are prone to becoming unbalanced, yet retaining considerable strength. We recommend employing the Baby Pelham with a Delta bridle or two reins: one on the big fixed ring and the other on the small ring. Adjusting the leveraged rein connected to the bottom ring allows for effortless management of the bit's effect. Alternatively, Fager’s adjustable Delta gives the same control without using 2 reins. It acts as a curb-style Baucher bit.