Bert Baby Pelham Black

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Fager Bert Baby Pelham Black

Fager Bert is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Can get strong but still sensitive.
  • Needs to seek a stable contact with the bit without getting too stiff and strong.
  • Gets high in the neck, needs a framed feeling.


    Bert Baby Pelham Black is engineered for maximum comfort, featuring a 100% smooth design, including joints, that enables freedom and fluidity in the mouth. Joints are purposefully crafted to never push on the palate, making for a comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the sidepiece creates a frame for horses with an inclination to be unsteady yet remain strong. We advise utilizing the Baby Pelham with either a Delta Bridle or two reins—one for the large fixed ring and one for the smaller ring. Adjust the amount of leverage with either two reins, or Fager's adjustable Delta, to achieve a lower neck and heightened effect, or a higher neck with reduced effect. This innovative design operates as a curb-style Baucher bit.