Bianca Titanium Loose Baucher

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Fager Bianca Titanium Loose Baucher

Fager Bianca is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Feels stiff/rigid in the hand.
  • Strong in the hand with a tendency to lean on the bit.
  • Sensitive mouth corners which easily rub, cut or bruise.

Bianca is a durable and lightweight double-jointed Titanium bit.

Titanium is used as it helps to provide steady and reassuring communication to your horse through the reins.

The shape of the mouthpiece, combined with the short centerpiece eliminates any palate interference as the breakover is positioned towards the outside of the tongue.

The Titanium Roller gives your horse something to play with making Bianca a good choice to trial if the horse feels rigid in the mouth.

The Loose Baucher is Fager’s EUIPO registered design, specifically designed to protect the sensitive corners of the  mouth and the front cheek teeth by transferring the pressure further down. This innovative design makes Sally an ideal solution for sensitive mouthed horses who easily cut or bruise.

The roller reaches further down than the joints to increase the pressure when required to avoid the need to constantly pull on the bit.