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Bomber Blue Swales Pelham 75

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Bomber Blue Swales Pelham 75

The Swales Pelham is designed to give control specifically for strong horses that are inclined to lean down. This is a Pelham that has had poll pressure removed, as the bridle cheeks are attached to the inner rings, which allow the mouthpiece to move independently. Removing the poll emphasises the action on the curb and exerts more pressure on the jaws causing the lifting action.

The Bomber Blue is a unique bit which produces amazing results for the majority of horses. The mouthpiece is ported to give tongue relief. The nylon composite material is light in the mouth and encourages salivation. It is particularly well suited to horses that object to metal mouth pieces.


The mechanism is popular with the showing and driving fraternity and is often used in other disciplines for faster work on an experienced horse that is “over enthusiastic”. The standard size Swales Pelham has 2 length shanks. The longer shank allows for more hand movement and slows the leveraging of the pressure points.


The first choice for starting any young horse, it is easily accepted, it gives tongue relief, it’s light, non-metal and encourages salivation. If in doubt go with the Bombers suggested thickness for your width. The 4 available ports have been scaled according to each width. This ensures accurate fitting over the bars and eliminates the rocking movement which occurs when the port is too wide.

Supplied with a curb chain.