Montar Bretagne Organic Tanned Bridle

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Montar Bretagne Organic Tanned Bridle


The headpiece features an adjustable strap on the top, which enables the cheek pieces to be optimally adjusted - for a perfect fit of the bridle along the horse's ears and cheek. The particularly soft padding in combination with the gap on the top of the headpiece minimizes the pressure on the sensitive neck and around the ears.


The classic browband has soft padding and an elegant curve to highlight the expression of the horse. All Montar browbands are easy to remove with poppers meaning they can be changed even when the bridle is in use!


The design of the noseband allows full freedom for the cheekbones and the sensitive nerve endings. It is also great for horses who are sensitive over the molars. Also the flash strap and loop can be completely removed for a clean look!

All outer loops are lined with rubber, so you never have to bother with loose straps while riding.

Suitable for both Dressage and Showjumping