Bronchix Calm

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Cavalor Bronchix Calm

  • For strong lungs and increased elasticity during exercise
  • Maximizes oxygen uptake for optimum performance
  • Scientifically proven effects
Cavalor Calm helps reduce stress in horses that are easily spooked or shy away from unexpected changes in their environment, such as transport, noise, changes in light, a commotion, unfamiliar places, and unfamiliar people or animals. Competing horses can also become distracted or intimidated in high-pressure situations due to stress, and their performance can suffer. This product is formulated to help young, timid horses and lively stallions stay composed and focused. Stress can take a toll on a horse's health, as it can be difficult for them to remain in good shape.


If your horse is generally a bit nervous but more so at competitions, try Cavalor Calm at home and switch to Cavalor SoZen and Cavalor Take It Easy (Forte) at shows.

Recommended use of Cavalor Calm: Horses and ponies: 45 g/day. 1 measuring scoop = 15 g –
Maximum/day = 100 g