Carina sweet gold large loose Rings

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Carina sweet gold large loose Rings

*Establishes a deeper and more connected contact between horse and rider.
*Encourages the horse to hold onto the bit with its sweet taste, promoting relaxation and acceptance.
*Features smooth joints and a wider part over the tongue for unparalleled comfort inside the horse's mouth.
*Suitable even for young horses due to its comfortable design and gentle stimulation.

Function: The Sweet Gold™ Bit functions by providing a comfortable and enticing experience for the horse, encouraging them to maintain consistent contact with the rider's hand. The sweet taste of the bit helps the horse relax and accept the contact, while the smooth joints and wider tongue area ensure maximum comfort, even for young or sensitive horses. By promoting a steady and forward connection, this bit empowers riders to achieve a more consistent and responsive ride.

The sweet gold material contains copper which makes the material a bit softer. If you have a horse that tends to chew a lot on the bit, this may cause bite marks on the surface.