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Eggbutt Bridoon Titanium Elliptical Dressage

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Bombers Eggbutt Bridoon Titanium Elliptical Dressage

Key Features

The Eggbutt cheek piece prevents pinching of the lips and gives a solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth. The release is slower than the loose ring and also introduces light poll pressure.

The Elliptical Dressage is shorter, increasing tongue and bar pressure. The mouth pieces are curved Comfy to soften the bar pressure. The mouth pieces and lozenge are ground flat to distribute the pressure evenly over tongue and bars, which together with the offset links further reduce pressure points. Allowing for a more accepted contact, relaxing and extending the nose slightly.


The cheekpiece is available in 2 sizes, standard and a slightly smaller model for a pony.


Available in a wider elliptical, the Elliptical Dressage Control.