Equi-Soft¨ Saddle Girth incl. Cover

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Stubben Equi-Soft¨ Saddle Girth incl. Cover

More than just another girth – it's a unique experience

The specially designed elastic strips of the Equi-Soft¨ Saddle Girth offer optimal pressure distribution, which limits the horse's resistance to being girthed, such as kicking, biting, and refusal.

IThe unique composition of the Equi-Soft Saddle Girth incl. Cover promotes a healthy range of motion for horses while exercising. Designed with elastic rings that stretch and contract in tandem with the horse's ribcage, the girth ensures a consistent level of tension. According to a study of various girths, all equines exhibited decreased heart rates when utilizing the product.

An important advice: To correctly use the girth, the centre of the girth must be positioned symmetrically on the horse’s centre. Never adjust only one side. The tension needs be equal on both sides.

This product managed to be a finalist at the Spoga Horse Innovation Award 2012.

The unique design allows the girth cover to be changed within seconds.

The Equi-Soft-girth is available in black, ebony and tobacco. The lengths vary from 40 to 150cm and the girths pads are available in Vachette leather, neoprene or lambskin.