Frans Sweet Gold Fixed Rings

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Fager Frans Sweet Gold Fixed Rings

Fager Frans is recommended if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Struggles to seek a connection towards the bit.
  • Consistently falls behind the bit.
  • Sticks the tongue out
  • Frantically chews at the bit.
  • A younger horse.

    Fager Frans is an anatomically straight bit offering comfortable pressure distribution.  We have created the ultimate shape for a horse that any straight bit can offer by following the natural curves and contours of the horse’s mouth.

    Sweet Gold is a similar metal to Sweet Iron but has a more electrical taste. Sweet gold will maintain its appearance and beauty without any additional care or maintenance.

    Frans is the perfect bit to use alongside your other bits. Here at Fager we strongly recommend alternating your bits from time to time, to alternate the pressure points and keep your horse comfortable and focused in their work.