Fredric Titanium Loose Baucher

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Fager Fredric Titanium Loose Baucher

Registered Design

Fager Fredric is recommended if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Develops sores at the corners of the mouth; rubs & cuts easily.
  • Abnormal wear of the first cheek tooth (P2).
  • Needs more flexibility than a straight bit.
  • Sensitive on the bars.
  • Has conformationally pointed bars.

Fredric is a durable and lightweight double-jointed Titanium loose Baucher bit.

The Loose Baucher is Fager’s EUIPO registered design created to protect the mouth corner’s and front cheek teeth by moving the pressure further down. This design is ideal for sensitive horses that easily get cuts and sores as it has a 100% smooth surface, even around the joints.

Fager Fredric is a very comfortable bit which shapes and contours naturally around the tongue, relieving the bars from constant pressure through the design of the upper ring carrying the bit itself with the loose ring on the outside. This means that the joints will never interfere or push against the palate and due to the straight design and lighter weight, the rider’s aids will become more effective, direct, and precise.

Fredric is constructed using Fager’s new manufacturing technique Anoblast™ which creates the highest quality Titanium bits on the market today! The grey coloring is a natural result of the manufacturing process, no colors are added.

Fager’s designs are always designed to sit horizontally straight, never allowing a bigger forward bend.   We design them this way to maintain the balance point (BP) in the mouth. A bigger bend forward moves the BP forward, slowing down the effectiveness of the aids. This design creates stability for the horse enabling clear communication.  The unique design also protects the bars and mouth against cuts, sores, and rubs, even on sensitive horses.

NOTE: The balance point will still be maintained, even if it has a slight bend over the tongue e.g. upwards.