Freedom ll Bridle with slide & lock

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Stübben Freedom ll Bridle

The unique Stübben Freedom Bridle II respects your horse‘s anatomy and bio-mechanics.


This is what the Stubben Freedom Bridle offers to your horse.

Grants full sight field to your horse

  • The area of the sight field marked red, which often gets shielded by the cheek pieces of ordinary bridles, is fully preserved by the innovative design of our cheek pieces.
  • Fully preserves freedom of movement for the horse‘s ears
  • Just like the horse‘s eyes, also its ears are highly important for the horse‘s communication. As neither the headpiece nor the browband cross any of the horse‘s 16 ear muscles (4 front muscles, 4 rear muscles for each ear) no pressure can possibly be exerted on any nerves and veins. The FREEDOM bridle hence preserves full freedom of movement of the ears.

Sustains your horse‘s natural joy in moving

The innovative design of the headpiece and throat strap prevents any pressure on the sensitive areas of the neck and throat, removing the possibility of triggering the horse's flight instinct. Through the lack of pressure, horses can better exhibit their natural willingness to move. 

Designed with all equine anatomies in mind, this bridle eliminates the stress caused by conventional bridles, providing comfort and ease to the horse.
The special features of our design are:
Provide your horse with total freedom of movement around their ears. Absence of pressure on sensitive areas of their head (facial nerve, ear muscles, neck and throat). Maintain your horse's satisfaction in motion. The noseband features a removable flash loop that allows you to attach either a flash or cavesson. Stubben Slide & Lock technology, a first for the West Coast, make quickly changing bits a breeze.