Greta Titanium Fixed rings

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Fager Greta Titanium Fixed rings

NOTE: Greta can be used in two ways: Either with tongue relief or with bar relief.

For tongue relief – If you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Pulls away or up when you take up the reins.
  • Attempts to put their tongue over the bit.
  • Fussy mouthed.

For bar relief- Turn the bit upside down.

If you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Stiff or rigid to ride.
  • Bites on the bit, attempts to pull it back.
  • Doesn’t seek the contact towards the bit.
  • Drops the contact.
  • Falls behind the hand.

Greta is a durable and lightweight, single-jointed Titanium Snaffle. The design is simple, unique and designed with the horse’s ultimate comfort in mind.  The whole of the bit surface, including the joints is 100% smooth allowing complete fluidity and freedom in the mouth.

Greya is an ideal design for sensitive mouthed horses whose mouths easily develop cuts, sores or rubs.

The lightweight, straight design helps to promote more precise and direct communication down the reins.

At Fager we design our bits to always sit horizontally straight, there is never a bigger bend forward. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that the bit maintains the correct balance point (BP) in the mouth, creating stability and clear communication for the horse.  When a bit creates a bigger bend forward, it also moves the BP forward, detrimentally reducing the effectiveness of the aids

IMPORTANT: The balance point will remain, even if it has a slight bend over the tongue; upwards. 

Fager’s designs are always straight horizontally = Never has a bigger bend forward.

NOTE: The balance point will still be kept even if it has a slight bend over the tongue = Upwards. 

    Then I need to say, try Lilly! Lilly allows for bar relief, that will work in two different ways.

    Together with Fager's, equestrians and customers experience, we know many horses have sensitive pressure points and will try to escape the pressure from your hands to avoid it. It can show by the horse trying to steal the bit from your hands and in some cases, tucking his head in and drops the bit. Which gives the rider zero connection to the mouth.

    The horse is uncomfortable, and you won't be able to develop your training. With Fager's bar relief we had made the mouthpiece where it lay towards the bars, wider.

    We kept the height thinner to promote a comfortable, close mouth for your horse while riding. When you achieve the fantastic feeling of connection with your horse, and you receive a correct link to the reins, Lily will have a gentle and perfect position in the mouth. If the horse leans/pull on the bit, the Bar-relief will bend and achieve more point pressure on the bars, making the horse seek a more honest connection again.

    Loose rings or Eggbutts?

    Eggbutts give the mouthpiece stability, and the rein aids will be more direct and precise. If your horse is a little hesitant into the contact, an eggbutt is the one.