Julia Sweet iron Baby Pelham

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Fager Julia Sweet iron Baby Pelham

Fager Julia is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Strong, pulls/leans on the bit.
  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Needs to seek a stable contact with the bit without getting too stiff and strong.
  • Gets high in the neck, strong, and needs a framed feeling.
Julia's double-jointed mouthpiece provides an increased tongue area for comfort. The Roller is situated away from the joints for increased pressure on the tongue without continuous pressure. The sweet iron & copper combo produces a palatable flavor for picky horses. The Baby Pelham sidepiece creates a frame feeling & stability. We suggest the Baby Pelham with either a Delta bridle or two reins. With two reins, you can adjust the bit's leverage by adjusting the lower ring. Using Fager's adjustable delta offers a similar choice without two reins. This design functions like a curb Baucher bit.