Julie Single Jointed Icelandic Black

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Fager Julie Single Jointed Icelandic Black 

Introducing the Julie Single Jointed Icelandic Black--a collaborative effort between equestrian specialist Julie Christiansen and revolutionary bit engineering. Carefully constructed to meet the latest FEIF standards, the bit boasts soft joints to ensure a gentle ride and a steady chain for consistent performance. Enjoy a harmonious, issue-free riding experience with our extraordinary bit!


Choose from two luxurious finishes: the bold matt black or the timeless silver, allowing a stylish and sophisticated ride. We offer two mouthpiece options - single or double jointed - for a tailored fit and superior comfort. The chain design ensures stability and eliminates swiveling, providing a smoother communication between rider and horse. Receive optimal comfort and performance with our horse-friendly features, all while adhering to FEIF standards (use caution when competing). Enjoy a seamless equestrian journey with Julie Single Jointed Icelandic Black.