Knee Protect Solution Shock Absorbing Stirrups

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Winderen Knee Protect Solution Shock Absorbing Stirrups

Correct and comfortable leg positioning
Significantly reduced strain on knee joints
Stable and unchangeable foot position in the stirrup

Winderen's Knee Protect Solution Stirrups feature a kinetic energy absorber system which significantly decreases knee strain for riders, especially when jumping obstacles. Additionally, the stirrups provide a secure, reliable, and comfortable lower leg application ideal for professional-level riding.

Many riders face the challenge of having an immobile foot position in stirrups. During our studies, we discovered that stirrups usually move or slip out due to tiny motions in the rigid junction of the stirrup leather and stirrup. Our shock absorber system largely alleviates this issue, giving riders a solid, relaxed leg position while jumping fences and during flat work. Our stirrups also reduce the likelihood of a stirrup shifting or slipping, which can cause a loss of balance from inflexible stirrups.

The footpad is made of durable and extremely abrasion-resistant composite. Spike-shaped extensions improve the adhesion of the shoe-sole, preventing the foot from slipping out of the stirrup.