Kryo Kompakt Horse Cold Pack

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Stubben Kryo Kompakt Horse Cold Pack

What is cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is cold treatment. Cryotherapy is the use of cold to remove heat from the tissue in case of inflammation or feverish processes. Cryotherapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy, having been in use since antiquity. Cryotherapy is widely used today in traumatology and sports medicine.

What are the effects of cryotherapy?
Thermosteresis (heat removal) is used for all indications applicable in human medicine (all stages of acute inflammation, acute post-traumatic or feverish states). Cryotherapy results in reduced circulation, thus inhibiting or at least considerably reducing the activation of inflammation mediators (transmitters), for example, bradykinin or serotonin.
STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE cold compress has much more to offer: the compress has proved extremely effective in postoperative applications, for preventing swelling and pain, in the acute treatment of oedemas, haematomas and swelling of the tendons, in acute inflammatory processes such as phlegmon, tendinitis and tenosynovitis. Warmth removal will only be effective if a cold medium at an optimal low temperature is placed on the organ concerned for a sufficient long period of time.
When treating acute conditions, everything else is an illusion. Short-term application of cold, for example with natural ice, cooling gels or water therapies according to Kneipp (hosing) result in warming after application. The tissue treated will then be better supplied with blood, inflammation and pain will increase. A suitable medium is required for thermosteresis (heat removal). As tests have shown, the product STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE is ideally suited for this purpose. It is a specially developed cold medium containing microcrystalline ice when frozen (about 50% volume by weight). It makes a lasting removal of heat possible, and since the development of the cold is slowed down (method protected by international patent), there is no danger of frost injury. The cold mass remains free of pieces of sharp ice and troublesome meltwater, and even at contact temperatures (down to minus 22 degrees Celsius) it is readily mouldable and agreeably soft. Studies have shown that after local application for about 30 minutes, a reduction of body temperature by more than 10 degrees Celsius is reached (which is within the therapeutically desired range) and that this level is maintained for more than 3 hours. The total duration of cold supply was significantly more than 5 hours.
These impressive test results are evidence that STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE has the qualities which are required on scientific grounds and that it is extraordinarily suitable for effective long-term cryotherapy.

Prevention and regeneration after training, competition and riding. Acute inflammatory processes such as phlegmon, arthritis, tendinitis and tenosynovitis. Acute, painful processes such as sprains, strains, contusions, capsular dilation, capsular tears. Chronic processes such as arthritis of non-immunological origin. Post-operative to prevent pain and swelling. Dermatological such as for burns and scalding. Prevention for example, to promote the recovery of tired musculature. Reduction fever, transport fever and tying-up syndrome in racing and trotting horses. Acute treatment of oedema, haematoma, swelling of the tendons and tendon sheaths. Application to small animals strains, haemorrhage, phantom pregnancies in dogs, trauma, inflammation (udder and the like) acute treatment, first aid.

How is the cold compress constructed?
In analogy to experience with fango-paraffin, an almost ideal emulsion could be patented after years of research and development. Microcrystalline ice is worked into a soft, almost creamy mass which is malleable and “doughy” even when chilled. The advantages are the highest possible degree of skin tolerance with no sharp pieces of ice, no moisture, and with easy shaping even at low temperatures down to minus 22 degrees Celsius (German federal patent number 3141191).

How is the cold compress prepared and applied to the horse?
Briefly knead the compress before freezing it. Place the cold compress in a freezing cabinet or a deepfreeze (down to minus 22 degrees Celsius) so that you can utilise the full potential of the product. The cold compress must remain in the freezer for at least 4 hours before use. Always keep the cold compress in the freezer so that the item is ready for immediate use at any time. The cold compress is fixed on the affected part of the horse's body with the special Velcro bandage.