Marcus Sweet Iron Baby Pelham

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Fager Marcus Sweet Iron Baby Pelham

Fager Marcus is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Pulls on the bit, yet over-reactive to increased pressure on the reins.
  • Develops cuts, sores, and rubs easily at the corners of the mouth.
  • Can be strong, but still sensitive
  • Needs stability
  • Get high in the neck

    The Marcus Sweet Iron Baby Pelham is a double-jointed bit with tongue relief featuring a 100% smooth surface & joints to minimize palate or bar pressure. Its slim, straight structure amplifies signals to provide precise control. The Baby Pelham sidepiece creates a frame sensation & is best used with a delta bridle, two reins, or Fager's adjustable delta. Leverage can be adjusted by using two reins, providing either a lower neck & more effect, or a higher neck with less. This design acts like a curb version of a Baucher bit. The loose ring is situated on the outer side to enable greater bending & quick response to the aid. Fixed side pieces ensure no pinching, plus added stability. For best results, we suggest using a delta bridle or two reins, one in the large loose ring & one in the small. With two reins, the amount of leverage can be regulated by lengthening or shortening the rein attached to the bottom ring. Altern

     This unique design acts as a curb version of the Loose Baucher.