Full Cheek Snaffle 20mm Flexible Mullen Mouth

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Nathe Full Cheek Snaffle 20mm Flexible Mullen Mouth

  • flexible mouthpiece with low port
  • direct impact on tongue and lower jaws due to fixed cheeks
  • cheeks provide lateral contact
  • the lateral contact helps horses that tend to fall out whilst riding or approaching an obstacle
  • bit guards protect the lips
  • with steel core

Overview of the advantages
• made of high-quality Thermoplast
• for satisfaction and motivation on sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses
• excellent tolerance, anti-allergic
• food safe, solvent free, no plasticisers
• smooth surface, no eraser-effect
• temperature-neutral, high flexibility when cold
• dimensionally stable, high mechanic resistance
• steel core in Standard bits (except size 110 mm)
• side parts made of high-quality stainless steel
• Made in Germany