TN Snaffle Flexible Medium (rubber curb gag)

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Nathe TN Snaffle Flexible Medium (rubber curb gag)

    The TN Snaffle Flexible Medium (rubber curb gag) is designed for two-rein use to control the pressure and impact of the chinstrap on the lower jaw. Its sliding action helps protect the tongue from too much pressure, while the bit guards feature a steel core to protect the lips. This bit is suitable for horses with a pronounced forward thrust and those that pull downwards, as well as mouth-sensitive horses.

Overview of the advantages
• made of high-quality Thermoplast
• for satisfaction and motivation on sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses
• excellent tolerance, anti-allergic
• food safe, solvent free, no plasticisers
• smooth surface, no eraser-effect
• temperature-neutral, high flexibility when cold
• dimensionally stable, high mechanic resistance
• steel core in Standard bits (except size 110 mm)
• side parts made of high-quality stainless steel
• Made in Germany