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Pelham Moulded Preferred Contact

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Bomber Pelham Moulded Preferred Contact

The Pelham Moulded Preferred Contact comes equipped with attachments for two reins, located at the mouthpiece and the end of the shank. Rein connectors may be used by some riders. This bit utilizes moderate poll pressure and leverage to apply pressure to the mouthpiece and curb.

The cylindrical sides flex onto the bottom bars and jaw, with the flattened centre section bending over the tongue. The centre tongue pad is an elongated circle, flattened and angled at 45 degrees to sit flush against the tongue and palate. The articulated ribs on either side of the tongue pad allow the cylindrical sides some independence, and the tongue pad some stability. The internal flexible stainless-steel cable core has been injection moulded with a bespoke non-toxic, UV resistant, FDA approved flexible synthetic material. The Bombers moulded material has been uniquely developed, to ensure 3 key attributes; texture, durability and comfort.