Philip Sweet iron Weymouth

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Fager Philip Sweet iron Weymouth

Fager Philip is suitable if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Requires encouragement to work forward towards the bit.
  • Sensitive to tongue pressure.
  • Struggles to relax in a double bridle.
  • Has a conformationally small mouth, smaller than the average horse.
  • Falls behind the contact in other Weymouths.

Philip’s mouthpiece is a comfortable, high-ported, back angled Weymouth constructed in grey Sweet Iron.  Sweet Iron encourages a young or unbalanced horse to take up the bit and carry it correctly.

Philip’s port is bent with a 45° angle over the tongue, allowing the tongue more freedom and thus encouraging the horse to become more forward and work into the contact.

The chain is important to disperse the pressure between the mouth, poll and chin.

Philip comes complete with hooks and chains.