Sabina Titanium Single Jointed Lock up FSS

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Fager Sabina Titanium Single Jointed Lock up FSS

Designed and developed in collaboration with Sabina Swärd.

”I was looking for a competition bit for me and my students that provides a precise connection to the horse. The bit should be soft in the mouth and comfortable to handle. I used to compete in a baby Pelham, but many of my students pointed out that the double reins can be complicated to ride with. Together with Fager bits, we were able to develop a bit with really short shanks that are used with single reins. We also decided on a titanium mouthpiece that my horses enjoy. The lightness of the Titanium stops them from being heavy on the hand.

I hope that this bit will help people to get the smooth ride they are looking for.”

Sabina Swärd

Fager’s FSS™ system.

Fager’s innovative Smart System locks the joints in any direction that it may cause pain or discomfort to the palate. In the hand it feels more like a classic straight bit but with added flexibility.  The FSS™ system offers improved stability whilst ensuring freedom and comfort for the horse.

All of this produces a bit which is easily accepted, even by sensitive horses; proving to be a truly balanced and horse-friendly bit.