Sofia Sweet iron Weymouth

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Fager Sofia Sweet iron Weymouth

Fager Sofia is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Sensitive to tongue pressure.
  • Can be strong and heavy in the hand.
  • Needs more room for the Bridoon.
  • Sensitive skin and easily develops sores, cuts and rubs on the bars and corners of the mouth.
  • Gets too long and low.

Fager Sofia is a comfortable high-ported bit constructed in the extremely durable metal, Titanium.

Sofia is constructed using Fager's NEW Anoblast™ manufacturing technique which produces a high quality, extremely durable bit; the highest quality Titanium bit on the market today! The grey colour is a natural consequence of the production process, no additional colouring is used.

When used in combination with Fager's Titanium Bridoon, this lightweight set weighs just 400 g (approx) which is less than a regular double bridle!

Sofia’s design has the port bent forward, directly over the tongue. This makes a huge difference when compared to having the bend tilted upwards.

When tilted forward, the port allows the tongue additional freedom as well as allowing the Bridoon more space as well.

As the reins are taken up and the horse seeks the connection towards the bit, it is preferable for the tongue to bear the majority of the pressure rather than the bars.

When pressure is applied to the curb rein, the shank of the bit rotates back towards the chest of the horse, pushing the mouthpiece forward against the tongue.

The chain is important to disperse the pressure evenly between the mouth, poll and chin.

In contrast, an upward port strongly increases the pressure on the bars which can create sores and inflict pain on a sensitive horse.

Sofia is supplied complete with hooks and chains.